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Areas of practice

Capital market and corporate law

Our firm has extensive experience in legal consultation to investment agencies and institutional bodies, including managers of trust funds, portfolios and provident funds, underwriters and directors as well as executives working for these organizations.

In the capital market, our firm has experience in preparing trust funds prospectuses, management of private issuance and conducting Due Diligences.

Our firm is experienced in ongoing comprehensive guidance of public companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, which comprises of close assistance in anything related to the applicability of laws and regulations in corporate and securities issues, compliance with various reporting obligations, supporting various organs in companies and corporate management in order to allow their ongoing activity, in a field where regulation is constantly expanding and becoming more complex.

In addition, our firm represents & counsels companies, business bodies and private clients in various mergers, acquisition & transactions, concerning investment agreements, acquisition of operations agreements, shareholders, cooperation's & voting agreements, as well as entrepreneurial agreements & founding agreements of companies and business ventures, mergers and/or split transactions, investment and consultation agreements, negotiations with venture capital funds and private investors in all aspects related to the foregoing and to investment in technology, hi-tech & start-up companies, from the the establishment of the corporation to the offering of shares to the public on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

Our firm offers consultation services to the managements of companies and business bodies, include guidance and participation on behalf of our attorneys in board and general meetings; preparation of various legal reports to the authorities, including the Securities Authority and the Registrar of Companies, assuring that your company or corporation meets all the registers requirements.

Atty. Orly Guy has vast experience in consultation, both by virtue of serving as an internal legal adviser in a public company and by virtue of being a director in private and public companies traded in Israel and the U.S., such as Internet Gold – Golden Lines Ltd., Medtechnica Ltd. and the Study Fund for Workers on the Standard Scale Ltd. Atty. Guy also served as a director on behalf of the government, in the Israel Foreign Trade Risks Insurance Corporation (before the company was privatized) and as an external director at the Mutual Insurance Fund.


Our firm represents clients before the various courts and tribunals in a variety of civil-commercial and public issues, including representation in civel, labor & administrative courts, various appeal committees, and various municipal and governmental agencies and authorities.

Litigation services include representation and services concerning lawsuits and administrative appeals, monetary lawsuits, slander suits, actions for enforcing sale agreements, actions concerning the Israel Land Administration, applications for injunctions and declarative reliefs, as well as liquidations and receiverships, bankruptcies, contentions and/or appeals and contests and/or appeals concerning real estate taxation, municipal taxation, planning and building laws, and other civil suits such as appeals to administrative courts, class actions by the virtue of the Securities Law and/or suits for enforcing the provisions of the stock exchange and prospectus undertakings, as well as unique proceedings in various matters, including anti-trust, planning and zoning proceedings, and land expropriation.

Attorneys Orly Guy and Moshe Bachar have served and are still serving as liquidators and receivers of various companies by virtue of court appointments.

Real estate

Our firm specializes in consultation regarding high-profile & complex real estate projects, including guiding contractors and construction companies in evacuation-building projects, from the first stage of development (including Urban zoning & Building Plan changes), to later stages of building licensing and various combination agreements including consultation concerning building contracts with contractors, drafting of agreements concerning the purchase of units and registering of the units in the buyers name.

Our Attorneys have substantial experience in real estate taxation and tax planning, including land appreciation tax, municipal taxation, fees and building and betterment duties.

We also have experience in real estate-related litigation, concerning evacuation-building projects, actions for property evacuation, actions on behalf and against protected tenants in accordance with property evacuation and/or payment of rent, actions for payment of expropriation damages and proceedings in concerning expropriation.

Our firm represents versatile clientele, both collectively and individually, in connection with commercial and residential projects, acquisition of land and apartments, actions concerning building defects, administrative petitions, and suits concerning reimbursement of construction fees and development & betterment levies collected by local councils.

Ongoing consultation on commercial issues

Our attorneys have diverse practice in legal and business guidance of companies and governmental bodies. The firm regularly represents and handles private and public companies, institutional bodies, investment agencies and corporations.

Local councils and municipal companies

Our firm specializes in local councils and financial companies. We have supported, promoted and conducted transactions and agreements; conducted legal proceedings regarding the construction of public buildings and municipal markets; and held various types of building and infrastructure tenders, signpost tenders, advertisement tenders. In addition, we have consulted on municipal taxation and municipal building taxation and handled selected issues typical of local councils and municipal companies.

Intellectual property

Our firm engages in the preparation of local and international license agreements for manufacture, marketing and distribution, use of copyright, as well as in production issues and actions for preservation of rights infringement concerning films and TV series, including production contracts and agreements with screenwriters, directors and actors.

In addition, the firm is deals with the protection of copyrights and trademarks, in particular in the areas of fashion, communications and the Internet.

Labor laws

The firm has for many years, accompanied multi-employee organizations, assisting them in drawing up employment agreements in Israel and abroad, concerning personal or collective agreements, representation before labor and other courts concerning disputes between employees and employers, and in providing ongoing legal consultation. The firm also provides guidance to senior executives and employees in negotiations with employers.


The firm provides ongoing consultation to communications and software companies entailing drawing agreements for direct and indirect purchase of rights, ownership of Internet website, and franchises for TV broadcasts in content and Internet companies as well as in the press.

Notary services

Our firm provides a full range of notary services, including translation services into & from English, French, Spanish & Hebrew and issuance of apostil confirmations, in a quick and efficient manner.

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